Meet Phil Young — the head audio engineer behind Trilix Studio. Phil joins a strong lineup of audio experts in the Trilix Studio two-day House Sessions workshop for those looking to expand their industry knowledge.

Phil is an award-winning sound engineer who leverages his wealth of knowledge from working with some of the music industry’s biggest names to create immersive audio experiences across music, podcasts, videos, and more. Phil harmoniously balances his craft with a combination of digital and analog techniques to demonstrate all the unique possibilities available in sound.

Phil kicked off his career at the prestigious NightBird Recording Studios in Los Angeles, working with world-renowned artists, like Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Carrie Underwood, John Oates, and Green Day.

After his time there, Phil returned to the Midwest to lend his talents to its growing music scene. His efforts earned him recognition with a Dedication to Developing the Des Moines Music Industry Award from the Des Moines Music Coalition.

A musician himself, Phil has played in several bands over the years, having taken the stage at 80/35, Mission Creek Festival, and many other music events across the state. Phil also received a grant from the Iowa Arts Council for creating synchronized visual artworks for live music.

During our two-day House Sessions workshop Aug. 9 and 10, you’ll work directly with Phil during the following sessions.

Demystifying Dolby Atmos®

  • The mechanics behind Dolby Atmos.
  • Its distinctions from traditional audio.
  • Technical requisites and optimal configurations.
  • Demonstrations for immersive audio depth.
  • Its applications across music, movies, and gaming.

Producing Pro Guitar Tracks

  • Select the right equipment and software for recording.
  • Master innovative recording techniques.
  • Layer, mix, and fine-tune your guitar sounds.

Phil, along with our other session leaders, can’t wait to share their industry insights, experiences and stories with you during House Sessions. Don’t miss out. Snag your spot by registering today!

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