For over three decades, Russ Berger, president and founder of Russ Berger Design Group, has been a prominent figure in acoustical design and architectural acoustics. Leveraging his experience as a musician, engineer, and owner, Russ directs all the firm’s work involving the design of audio recording, broadcast, and television studios, as well as home theater and entertainment facilities.

With a portfolio of over 2,500 projects, Russ has been honored with eight TEC Awards for technical excellence and creativity in acoustics and studio design. Studios for NFL Films, Sweetwater, Belmont University, Sony Music and Paragon Studios are among the many projects that have benefitted from his skill.

As an expert on all things facility design, Russ gives lectures nationwide and has published numerous articles.

Russ is a featured speaker in the Trilix Studio House Sessions, a two-day audio workshop with industry pros. He’ll share his expertise, along with other audio and music industry experts, in the Home Studio Acoustics and Demystifying Dolby Atmos® sessions.

The Home Studio Acoustics session offers attendees insights into:

  • Enhancing your home studio’s acoustics to achieve professional-quality sound
  • Implementing soundproofing techniques
  • Selecting acoustic treatments
  • Minimizing unwanted echoes and reflections in your space
  • Determining if stereo, 5.1 surround or 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos works best for your studio

In Demystifying Dolby Atmos, attendees will learn:

  • The underlying mechanics of Dolby Atmos
  • Its distinctions from traditional audio systems
  • Technical requirements and ideal setups
  • Practical demonstrations for immersive audio depth
  • Its extensive application in music, movies, and gaming

Secure your spot at the House Sessions to gain invaluable insights from Russ and other audio, recording, and music industry experts.

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