Carl Verheyen, one of the top 10 guitar players in the world according to Guitar Magazine, has talent that reverberates far beyond one instrument. Carl is a virtuoso whose influence resonates throughout the music world.

In his 50-plus years in the industry, he has contributed to some of the most iconic tracks of his former band Supertramp, played to millions of fans in sold-out arenas around the world, and performed on an enviable variety of movie and television soundtracks. His solo career has been equally impressive, with numerous albums showcasing his talent and versatility, signature guitars from LsL, and published books.

But Carl's expertise extends far beyond his own performances. As an educator, he shares his wealth of knowledge with countless aspiring musicians, helping them unlock their full potential and refine their craft. His passion for music and dedication to excellence are evident in everything he does, making him the perfect guide for our master class.

Those looking to take their craft to the next level can work directly with Carl during the Trilix Studio House Sessions workshop Aug. 9 and 10 in Des Moines, Iowa.

The workshop will allow music industry novices and veterans to have personal conversations and experiences with industry leaders. We’ll navigate Dolby Atmos®, talk home studio acoustics, dive into music marketing, and learn from world-renowned experts.

During the Guitar Master Class, attendees can expect to do the following.

  • Get personalized expertise and insights from Carl Verheyen
  • Learn the secrets behind Carl's signature sound
  • Incorporate guitar skills and techniques into your playing

Carl will also lead the Producing Pro Guitar Tracks class. During the session, artists will discuss the following.

  • Layering, mixing, and fine-tuning guitar sounds
  • Producing clear, dynamic tracks
  • Understanding how to select the right equipment and software to master innovative recording techniques

Turn the volume up on your guitar skills and production knowledge with legends like Carl.

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